Jordanian Pilot, Charlie Hebdo and others VS Shi’a Victims

When double standards becomes a norm

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi

There is no gloating in death and calamities, as these types of things can happen to any individual at any time. However, by conducting a small online search about the victims of terror attacks in the past year, we shall witness the notion of ambivalence in media coverage. I have stated in previous article that Islam and Muslims strongly condemn the actions of terrorist groups and ask the world to acknowledge the primary victims of terrorism are Muslims and the Middle East in general.

Yesterday the world was shaken by the images of ISIS fighters setting a Jordanian fighter jet pilot on fire alive and the statements of condemnation and sympathy were pouring from all over the world. Indeed, the images of this horrific act were horrendous and barbaric. However, what makes me wonder and sad at the same time is the notion of ignoring some victims over others. Last year there were two major genocides that took place in Iraq and did not receive half of the coverage the Paris attacks and the Jordanian pilot received. The camp Speicher in Northern Iraq, which witnessed the massacre of 1700 Iraqi trainees received next to zero coverage in the Arab Media and very little coverage in the global media. The Tholue’ya massacre in Iraq was another act of terror, which took 400 Iraqi lives within a day.

My question to the global media and the Arab media as well would be:

Do you not consider the citizens of Iraq worthy of receiving media coverage in case they are victimized by terrorism? Isn’t there a global coalition in Iraq as we speak, trying to crush ISIS and eliminate the threat of this barbaric group? Aren’t Iraqis part of this coalition to crush ISIS? Hasn’t Iraq paid enough price from being an unwilling host to this terrorist group? Is the global media and world super powers afraid of publicly condemning the terrorist acts in Iraq and not everywhere else? Is there a political agenda that mandates such a silence in regard of Iraqi lives?

There are numerous questions in my mind and the minds of many Iraqis that want to know why would a single army pilot receive more attention than thousands of innocent lives? I am afraid the sectarian aspect of this conflict has leaked into the moral side of this turmoil, and it is making politicians, journalist and TV networks give preponderance to political legitimization and self-interest more than lives of people.

Finally, I would like to express sorrow and condolences to the family of the Jordanian Pilot and all victims of ISIS and any terrorist group around the world.


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