Shia Wisdom Condemns the Copenhagen Terror Attack

Once again the hands of barbarism and brutality have inflicted sorrow and grieve upon the

intellectual and free minds of the world, in an attempt to break the moral strength and determination of

the free world. Shi’a Wisdom strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Copenhagen, Denmark, which

took the life of an innocent man and wounded two others.

The right to criticize and question is Godly given, and has been guaranteed in all religions and

holy scriptures. The biography of Prophet Mohammad and his holy household suggests that, during their

time, they tolerated notions of opposition and criticism and dealt with it in a very benevolent and

compassionate manner. It is narrated during the Caliphate of Imam Ali, Islam witnessed the first

opposition protest, and Imam Ali accepted their demands and did not use coercive means to marginalize

his oppositions.

Therefore, Shia Wisdom invites the International community and all intellectual bodies to

dissect the truthful legacies of Prophet Mohammad and Islam as a religion from the holy house of

Prophet Mohammad and witness the mercy, tolerance, freedom and logic Islam has to offer to


Our prayers go to the victims of this terrorist act and their families, and we shall all pray for the

day, when peace, tranquility, prosperity and freedom prevails and darkness and tyranny diminishes.

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