Shia Wisdom condemned the Suicide Bombing of Shia Mosque in Kuwait

Few weeks ago, when the suicide bombing in the Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia targeted the innocent worshippers inside Shia mosques, many political observers suggested the wave of violence will reach other places. Today we stand in sorrow and affliction to mourn the fallen men and children, who lost their lives while worshipping their lord during the holy month of Ramadhan. This time it was Shias of Kuwait’s turn to pay the price of being followers of Shia Islam, and deliberately be slaughtered without any consideration of time, place or justification.

Shia Wisdom strongly condemns the Suicide bombing of Imam Ja’afar Al Sadiq mosque in Kuwait, which consumed the lives of several innocent people and injured many others. Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti government is mandated to re-organize its security forces and intelligence services, as presence of ISIS affiliates is very clear and obvious in Kuwait. Kuwait is one of the few countries in the region, where the social fabric among the different groups of society has remained strong and stable. Neglecting the security needs and requirements of a substantial group of this society, will result in senses of abandonment and internal instabilities that will shake the foundation of co-existence in this country.

Unfortunately, the calamities have happened and there are grievances and afflictions among the masses. The Kuwaiti authorities should dissect and elaborate on the past and current similar events and take advantage of the lessons infolded within them to prevent any future incidents. The Shia Muslims of Kuwait are faced with substantial responsibility, as the entire world in supervising their reactions. Therefore, they are to practice the highest amount of self-control and coordinate new measure with the authorities to ensure the safety and security of Shia Muslims in this country is assured and safeguarded at all times.

Shia Wisdom and its staff send their condolences and prayers to the families of the innocent victims, and ask the almighty to grant them patient, tranquility and peace.

June 26, 2015

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