Terror in Belgium

The continuous trail of a bloody ideology

Shia Wisdom
The heart of European Union was struck this morning by two explosions that consumed many innocent lives and left others injured. The previous attacks throughout this continent have always left the impression that the end is not near, and terror will steal security and prosperity from this part of the world and innocents again. Well, here we are in the second day of spring and 2016, yet the world and specifically the western powers would not outline and blame the source of this bloodshed and tyranny, which is called terrorism.
The explosions of Belgium would reveal some facts about the carriers of these horrendous actions, and the ones responsible shall suffer for their crimes against humanity, yet Belgium and other European powers must start to acknowledge the following:
Drying the ideological root of terrorism is more crucial than fighting the actual terrorists in Iraq, Syria and other places.
Identifying the ideological root of terrorism has been conducted and outlined by various global institutions and foundations, which place the institution of Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia in the frontline of terror sponsorship.
Engagement with domestic Muslim youths and addressing their concerns and afflictions to prevent any intrusion using their inability to advance and create opportunity. The notion of Home Grown Terrorism has been the center of many conversations in the west, which creates a necessity about the importance of observing the needs and grievances of minorities in general and Muslims specifically.
Forcing the Muslims leaders to be engaged with Muslims youths and radical elements more frequently is very important. The primary reason, radical individuals are able to persuade and recruit younger generations, is the absence of wise, elder and more knowledgeable scholars and Muslim leaders. The presence of these leaders would enable the Muslims youth to make a better choice using the information provided by those scholars and leaders, which will show them about the bogus claims of radical groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.
Shia wisdom would like to take this opportunity to send condolences to the families of victims, and may the almighty grant them patience and tranquility. In addition, Shia wisdom and staff condemn these horrific acts in the name of Islam and stand in solidarity with the Belgian people and its officials.
Shia Wisdom

History adds another Black page

Genocide in Taza (Iraq)
Shia Wisdom

There are numerous dates and events in history’s calendar that will make any human wonder about the viciousness, ruthlessness and barbarism of certain individuals and groups. Unfortunately, these dates mark what the contemporary world considers as (GENOCIDES). The Darfur genocides, the holocaust genocides, the Congo genocides, the Northern Iraqi city (Halabcha) genocide and many others that are a shameful chapter in humanity’s history.
Recently the world was alerted about a new genocide, which took place in Iraq to add to the daily atrocities this country has suffered from for a long time. A small town near Iraq northern city of Kirkuk name ‘Taza’ was subjected to chemical attacks by ISIS, where reports have indicated thousands including women and children are among the dead. The majority of this town’s residents were Shia Muslims, who are considered as infidels and non-believers by ISIS and other Wahhabi groups. In addition, other minorities like the Yazidis and Christians of this town have been reported to be among the victims of this horrific genocide. Earlier, the US state department considered the crime a ‘genocide’ and a crime against humanity, where the secretary called for international legal institutions to investigate the details and trails of this horrendous act.
As mentioned in previous articles and statements by Shia Wisdom, the notion of terrorism will never be beaten by only launching airstrike campaigns and sending possible ground troops. The ideological pool of hatred and fundamentalism these groups are feeding from must be dried and prevented. In addition, all states, groups and individuals who have supported these terrorist groups by any mean (Financial, recruitment, ideology, cyber support and etc.) must be held accountable and persecuted to the full extent of law.
Shia Wisdom and staff send their prayers for the victims and their families, hoping the almighty lord will grant patience and serenity to them and may he bless the souls of all those who have fallen.

Fatima bint Muhammad… The role model of women

By: Moujtaba Alkhalidi

    First and foremost, Fatima bint Muhammad is the embodiment of Surah 24 Verse 31 which states ~
      ” And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment except to their husbands, brothers, parents etc…, And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment. And turn to Allah in repentance, all of you, O believers, that you might succeed”.
      If you want to know the true meaning of the hijab in the Quran, look at Fatima bint Muhammad, because of the fact she is the walking Quran. Pure characteristics implemented in her, preserving her chastity, lowering her gaze, covering her adornments. Furthermore, she isn’t just the role model for women in Islam, but for all of humanity. She teaches women to speak against injustice, being humble to your spouse, altruism, and truly fearing Allah.
      Moreover, Prophet Muhammad said: ”The best women in the entire world are four: Maryam, Asiya the wife of Pharaoh, Khadijah, and Fatima daughter of Muhammad.” The reason being is because of the fact Fatima bint Muhammad is the true interpretation of Islam, she teaches humanity through her actions and the definition of true love.
      On the same token, if every female individual followed Fatima bint Muhammad as she is suppose to be followed, there would be no oppression for women, equality would be applied to all females, and empowerment would be taken in place.
      In addition, if everyone implemented Fatima bint Muhammad in their lives, men would not be looking at women as an object of desire, they would be respecting them as a human being.Also, Fatima bint Muhammad was not only the best female individual to walk on earth, but the best mother. She raised her children like no mother has ever raised her children before. Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein were role models for all Shia men and women, she raised them in a way where their actions spoke louder than their words. They sacrificed everything for Islam, went through trails and tribulations to protect the message of their mother. Shia men all around the world look up to these Imams and thousands die towards the way of Allah for Islam just by simply following the teachings of her children and how she raised their attitudes to be towards the religion of Islam. Modern day women should act upon her actions so that they can have there children have her children’s actions.
      If every Muslim women followed Fatima bint Muhammad then many problematic issues would be resolved with ease. She teaches women how to be a perfect wife, mother, and daughter. The fact that Fatima bint Muhammad embodies the Quran, following her as a role model would be no difference than the Quran because both are corresponding.
      More importantly, Fatima delivers rationality, philosophically, and intellectually. If you follow Fatima bint Muhammad, doing some actions that may be makrooh (hated) wouldn’t be put in consideration because of the fact you’ve reached a high state of belief that this situation is considered pointless and rather low to think about.
      Above all, Fatima’s philosophy, and way of life is phenomenal, if Muslim women applied this to their lives all their issues would be resolved. Considering this, Fatima would control her anger, love her enemies, and put herself before others. Now a days, Muslim individuals are too overwhelmed with jealousy, envy and greed. If one lady witnessed her friend wearing a certain type of jewelry, they would run to their spouse and start asking for the same or better type of jewelry, this may in many times cause a bad relationship in the family, a husband may not have enough money to afford that jewelry for his wife and it may cause him to go burrow money and this puts the husband in a bad situation.
      Even more, rationality is a fundamental to women. Thinking objectively rather than subjectively is vital and essential for women to act upon, rather than being effected by their personal feelings. All in all, Fatima bint Muhammad is the best individual to ever walk on the face of this earth. Simply following her is equivalent to following the Quran. She is the embodiment of the Quran, and implementing her in your lives puts your life at ease. She covers every aspect of life, to logic, mindset, emotions, intellect, philosophy, so on and so forth. Following Fatima bint Muhammad is obeying Allah’s commands. World problems will be solved and women will be empowered.

Global Warming and Climate Change

And Its Role in American Politics

By Amanda C
Edited by Ali Reza

Call it what you will – “global warming” or “climate change” – but it has been a central topic of debate for years. Researchers, scientists, government officials, and the general public alike are divided on what to make of this phenomenon. Is the earth truly warming and leading to destruction? If so, is it the result of human activity, or is it more naturally occurring? And what should be done, if anything?

Politicians are at odds about climate change.  Some polls show that Democrats are more likely to side with the notion that climate change is being impacted by human activity and the earth is continuing to warm than Republicans. One factor that many people believe is to blame is the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2), which has been on the rise. This essentially leads to more heat being trapped in the atmosphere and in turn, the temperature increasing.

Looking at CO2

Many human activities can lead to increased CO2 emissions such as manufacturing. Some politicians are fighting to get bills passed that would put a cap on the amount of CO2 emissions permitted for each business. They would have to take steps to modify their operations to reduce the amount of gas produced. This could also release fewer toxins into the environment in general and support more positive outcomes.

For those businesses that continue to exceed the CO2 emission guidelines, they would be able to buy credits to compensate. These credits would come from businesses that operate below maximum levels and help to balance things out. There are bill proposals that strive to reduce reliance on non-renewable resources and those processes that produce significant amounts of CO2. Companies would have to restructure themselves in order to operate more cleanly and efficiently.

The United Nations introduced the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 to get countries around the world to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It operates under the belief that global warming is an international issue and human activity is a main cause. While many countries signed and began implementing initiatives to decrease CO2 emissions, the United States was not one of these countries. The United States would not ratify the Protocol.

The Changing Earth

Regardless of what people believe, the earth is changing, but this is a process that has continued as long as the earth has existed. Those who support the idea of global warming point to the melting of glaciers, rising ocean tides, hotter temperatures, and endangering of certain species as proof. Others have different ideas as to the cause behind these changes. They are not necessarily convinced that human activity is to blame or that the earth is warming as some scientists claim.

Without coming to a general consensus, this leads to political turmoil. Representatives are in disagreement about what, if anything, should be done. They are rallying behind their beliefs and trying to sway the public and key stakeholders one way or the other. Scientists continue to conduct extensive research in an effort to determine the changes occurring to the environment and the impact that it has on sustainability. It is challenging to find concrete data supporting one side or the other.

Protecting the Future

However, what many people do agree on is that the country needs to be taking steps to protect the environment and the future. This means using more renewable resources, cutting back on the trash in landfills, preserving the forests, and protecting the animals. Whether people support the notion of climate change or not, it is important to protect the world we live in and ensure that we will have the resources to support our needs in the future. For centuries the world has slowly adjusted as the earth has changed. The big question, though, is how much of this change is the direct result of our actions and how much would have happened anyway? Everyone has their own opinion.

How to be Green: Tips for Conserving Energy at Home

By Amanda C
Edited by Ali Reza

Many things in our homes are powered by electricity. This includes everything from heating and cooling systems and appliances to other devices your family uses. These costs can quickly add up and excessive energy use can be a drain on resources. The good news is that there are many ways in which you and your family can be proactive and conserve energy and also be green helping the environment.


  • Turn off lights: When you leave a room, make sure to turn off the lights. Using natural lighting from windows when possible can also help to reduce reliance on overhead lights or lamps.
  • Replace bulbs: Traditional light bulbs are quickly being replaced by compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) which are more energy-efficient and last longer. They still emit the same amount of light, however.
  • Use dimmers or motion sensors: You can have more control over how much energy your lights use by adding dimmer switches. During early morning or evening hours when there is sunlight available you can keep the lights lower. During the night when it is dark out, you can turn them up brighter. Another option is to install motion sensors so that lights automatically turn off when the area is not in use. This can be especially beneficial for outdoor lights.

Heating and Cooling

  • Make use of ceiling fans: Ceiling fans can be a great way to circulate air throughout the room without having to turn on the heating or cooling system. Switch the direction of the blades to run clockwise in the winter and counterclockwise in the summer.
  • Lower thermostat settings: When you’re not home and at night, lower the temperature in your home to conserve energy. Newer systems are programmable and can allow you to set temperature changes at certain times during the day. Using ceiling fans can also help regulate temperature. If you get chilly with lower temperatures, throw on a blanket, sweatshirt, or socks before bumping it up. Also close air vents in rooms that you are not using so that you are not paying to heat or cool them.
  • Add curtains: Curtains can both keep heat in and out. During peak daylight hours they can keep the room cooler by blocking out the sun’s rays. At night they can keep the heat in your home by providing an extra barrier on windows.
  • Seal doors and windows: Make sure that the seals around the edges of the windows and bottoms of the doors are tight to prevent drafts. If you have older windows, consider slowly replacing them with new ones that can provide better insulation. This will help to conserve energy and reduce electricity costs.


  • Run full loads: This includes the washer, dryer, and dishwasher. Rather than doing several small loads, wait until you can fill the machine up. If you do have multiple loads to wash or dry, try to do them one right after the other so that the machine does not have to warm up all over again each time.
  • Use power strips: Plug electronics into a power strip so that way you can turn it off when not in use. Even if you have turned the device off, it can still draw power. Remember to unplug the cords for your chargers when you’re not using them as well.
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances: If you are looking to buy or replace your appliances, look for ones that are certified as being energy efficient. They are designed to use less energy while still providing high quality performance. You can also qualify for tax deductions and other discounts if you have energy-efficient appliances.
  • Replace filters: Set a reminder to yourself to check and replace the filter in your heat and air conditioning unit. Not only will this help it to work more effectively, it will also make it more efficient and reduce energy use. As you are cleaning, make sure to dust off the coils to your refrigerator as well.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make a difference and help promote greener living. Being conscientious of your energy use is beneficial not only for the environment but your wallet as well. Once you start implementing simple changes, you will notice the difference.