Mostafa Daneshgar

Mostafa DaneshgarIslamic scholar Mostafa Daneshgar is a renowned an Islamic scholar and the founder of Shia Wisdom. He has spent many years studying religion and Islamic studies in various Islamic universities and Islamic seminaries overseas. He also has an engineering degree from Iran. Mr. Danesghar has given many speeches and has written many articles and research papers regarding various Islamic topics. He has  appeared in many TV stations and programs giving his scholarly analysis and opinion on Muslims affairs and Islamic topics.

Hussein Al-Rumaith

Hussein Al-RumaithiHussein Al-Rumaithi, born in 1983, married and a father of three children is an Iraqi-Canadian citizen, who resides in Canada.The first hand experiences and encounters in the Middle East, and interaction with the Middle Eastern societies, along with his PhD in International Relations & Development Studies enable him to dissect and present many of the Islamic and political subjects of the Middle East and the Muslim world through an unbiased approach. Dr. Al-Rumaithi, is the main contributor of articles and research studies for Shia Wisdom, and other websites and blogs. He co-founded Shia Rights Watch organization, which operates out of Washington DC.

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