Is the Muslim World Cursed?

November 6, 2014

By: Ali Reza

There are many problems and issues with Islam and the so-called Muslim world today. There are and has been many  conflicts and injustices blamed on Muslims well documented throughout the Islamic history. In addition to wars and conflicts, there are many social issues, political issues, and economical issues  as well as sectarian divisions.

Social, political, economical , and religious leaders have made many attempts to eliminate or at least curb and reduce such issues but all the efforts have gone in vain and have failed. Thestate of  Muslim world has not improved it actually seems to have become worse as if  there are hands of a higher power involved which is preventing the world of Islam from unifying and healing.

For those that believe in God of Moses (a), Jesus (a), and Muhammad (saws),  they would know the God  they were talking about was God of love and mercy but also God of justice. All scriptures clearly indicate that God punishes people after giving them many chances to revert to truth and righteousness. In Quran for example, one can find that God curses a group of people and even entire nations and generations because of their sins, misdeeds, and their arrogance.

“…unquestionably, the curse of God is upon the wrongdoers.” [11:8]

God obviously does not curse people because of their race, nationality, color of skin or appearance . According to the verse above, His curse is often put on people who are the sinner and wrongdoers.

In addition to the sinners and wrongdoers, there are other types of people that can be punished or cursed according to Quran.  For example people can be cursed for deviating from truth after accepting it and committing injustice intentionally;

“But those who break the covenant of Allah after contracting it and sever that which Allah has ordered to be joined and spread corruption on earth – for them is the curse, and they will have the worst home.”  [13:25]

As the verse above shows, God  curses people who deviate or break their promise and spread corruption.

Muslims Who Killed Hussein (a)
Ashura, the 10th of Islamic month of Muharram, has just passed. For those that don’t know,  the month of Muharram is a very holy month especially its first 10 days. In this day, Prophet’s grandson, with his family, close relatives and handful of righteous companions stood against an oppressive so-called Muslim army who brutally killed him, his family and his companions in battle of Ashura in land of Karbala, which is today’s Iraq.

Who Was Hussein (a)?

Words cannot explain who Hussein (a) was. Let’s just say, he was very close to God because he was very close to Prophet of God Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). The Holy Prophet has been narrated to have said the following about Imam Hussein (a):

  •     Hasan and Hussein are the chiefs of the youth of Paradise and Fatimah is the chief of their women.
  •     Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein
  •     (O Hussein) I am in war with those who will fight you, and in peace with those who are peaceful to you
  •     He who loves Hasan and Hussein, loves me, and he who makes them angry has made me angry
  •      I named Hasan and Hussein and Muhsin the names of the sons of Aaron who were: Shubbar, Shubair, and Mushbir
  •     They (Hasan andHussein) are my two sweet- smelling flowers in this world
  •      Hussain is of myself and I am of Hussain. O’ God be pleased with those who please Hussain and hate those who hate Hussain.

These narrations above were just a few of narration of prophet Muhammad (SAWS) about Imam Hussein (a). There are many more where Prophet praised the Imam an warned people to be good to him and Prophet’s family for their own sake. That is because God almighty in Quran orders Muslims to be good to family of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS):

Say (O Muhammad): I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives;  (Quran, 42:23)

As you can read from verses and narrations above, love and fellowship of family of prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and Imam Hussein (a) is extremely important and one could say that it is indeed fundamental of belief and deeds in Islam but it does seem that Muslim world has heeded to any of these. In fact, it was the Muslims who killed him and his family, and it is the Muslim scholars today who fail to teach about events like Ashura where prophet Muhammad’s family were ill treated and killed. Some scholars  in particular among the sunni circles are trying to make it all go awayindicating that days have Ashura have nothing to do with Hussein (a).

Sadly, these Satanic efforts are working as many of Muslims don’t know about Ashura, Imam Hussein (a), or the signifiants of them. The newer generation and converts know almost nothing of Hussein (a) and his sacrifice.  Or any of Prophet Muhammad’s family and their rank and authority for that matter. This is no surprise as the corrupt leaders and tyrants dressed and appeared as Muslims have been arrogantly hiding this painful day for over 1400 years trying to clean it all together. They are afraid if the truth is revealed to people, it would move them to a direction they can’t control.

As the results, Majority of Muslims continue to live in ignorance about this day and know very little about Islamic history and when the such history lessons are told them,  they arrogantly turn away some even mock and write it off as stories and fairy tales.  In some Muslim countries, they even harm and kill those who try to remember this day.

Is the Arrogant Blessed or Cursed?
Claiming God has put a curse on Muslim world is a strong statement we cannot make. But God in Quran tells people to think and rationalize so we leave this up to you the reader. But ask yourself the questions below:

What does an ignorant deserve who purposely and arrogantly fails to learn the truth?
What does a scholar deserve who arrogantly and intentionally fails to teach others about the truth?
What does a society deserve that refuses to learn about the truth  and pass it ?
What do people deserve when they continue committing the similar type of injustice?

Before we answer these questions, let us review the following verse of Quran again and see what God has to say about such people:

“But those who break the covenant of God after contracting it and sever that which God has ordered to be joined and spread corruption on earth – for them is the curse..”  [13:25]


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