Top 5 Google Search Commands to Make Your Research Easier

December 13, 2014

By Ali Reza

A great blessing that we have in our time is easy access to valuable information. We can find and retrieve information very easily. Only at a few keystrokes away, one can find latest news, articles and research papers, images and videos about the topic he is researching.

Google, is the world’s most popular search engine especially in US and western countries. Much of Google’s success is due to its brilliant founders and staff, who share vision of making search easy for people so people can search instead of sorting.  Google adopts a very complex adaptive algorithms that performs fast computing and search going through lots of records of data returning very relevant and useful information for the searcher all in less than a second.

The search results is very relevant as these results are filtered according to what users are seeking. However many users may still find themselves going through the search results and even perform new searches because sometimes they can’t find what they are looking for or they can’t find it fast enough.

This article is to show you some tricks and advanced search commands that can help you find information better on Google.

Google Search Commands

Google has a variety of symbols and commands that one can use in order to make the search experiance easier. In this article we will be going over the top 5 Google Search commands that could be useful for our readers;

  1. Quotes Symbol – You can use a pair of quotes (“”) symbol in order to find exactly the words you were looking for. For example if you are looking for Hadith Thaqalayn, you will find more targeted results if you put it in quotes like “hadith thaqalaynas shown below:hadith thaqalayn
  2. Negative Symbol – Returning the search results above, you will see a list of mixed Shia and Sunni results. If you are not interested in Sunni interoperation of this great hadith, you simply add a negative symbol, or a minus sign at the end of your search followed by the keyword which in this example it is going to be like “hadith thaqalayn” -sunnihadith thaqalayn no sunni
    So that basically tells Google that you want to see pages that have hadith thaqalayn  words in the content but without the keyword  Sunni  on the same page. Keep in mind this is page-specific not website specific. In other words, the website may still have keywords Sunni in it but the pages Google is showing you for this command won’t.
  3. Site Command – You can use the site command to search a specific site for all pages that have that pharse. For example a great Shia research site is so if you want to find the keyword  Hadith Thaqalayn only on website, then you can do site: “Hadith Thaqalayn”. Then you will see only those pages with that keyword on that site like below:google results4. Define Command: If you want to find out the definition of Hadith Thaqalayn without having to visit other website, you can then use the command Define: followed by your keywords which in this case is Define: Hadith Thaqalayn . Then you will see Google making an attempt to define it like below:google results define5. The “vs.” command:  You can use the command vs. to find out difference between two concept really quickly. For example if you you want to find difference between Shia and Sunni you can do “Shia vs. Sunni” and Google will only return those search results that compare Shia between vs. command

Above are some useful commands you can sue when searching Google. These commands become very helpful when you are doing research on a particular topic. Keep in mind at any time you can mix the commands above in order to filter your search results even further. Also Google has a ton of other useful commands and symbols that we didn’t cover in this post but we recommend you to take a look and see if you can use them in order to improve your search experiance.

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