2014 Hottest Year Ever Recorded

January 4, 2015

By Ali Reza

First time humans started keeping record of global temperature was 130 years ago and 2014 has been the hottest year since then according to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

This fact maybe hard to believe for those who live in cold places because many places such as Buffalo,New York, and much of Canada that saw a record  snowfall this 2014. But for most places in the world, they experienced a fairly warm and a dry year in 2014.

NOAA reports that the average global temperature that was recorded in 2014 was around 0.68 degrees Celsius higher than average. That number is around 1.22 degrees Fahrenheit higher than global average which is around 14.1 C (57.4 F).

CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam says that NOAA’s analysis is important “health gauge” which could indicate a trend for the planet warming.  “It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to be a skeptic of the causes of our warming planet,” he says.

A Proof for Global Warming ?

The analysis from NOAA was broken down into two categories: 1) Land 2) Ocean. Both were higher in temperature compare to previous years. It is very important to know that the scientists have warned that changes in global average temperature of exceeding  2 to 3 degrees higher could possibly new disastrous for our planet earth that would contribute to catastrophic natural disasters such as storms, rise of sea level, melting polar ice and dangerous storm surges. In fact according to a non-binding international agreement on climate change that was reached in 2009 in the the Copenhagen Accord,  any temperature increase above the 2 degree Celsius is marked as “dangerous.”

The warmth this year was noticeable in northern and western Europe,  East Russia, and vast areas of the northeastern and western equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Southern California Warmest and Driest Year Yet
UT San Diego calls San Diego’s warmest year on record which represents vast area of southern California. Los Angeles and Orange County were actually even warmer and dryer than San Diego, combining with what UT San Diego reported, that could possibly make that the warmest year recorded in Southern California. Below is San Diego’s 2014 weather recap.



San Diego 2014 Weather Recap

San Diego 2014 Weather Recap

Scientists have been warming everyone about global warming for some time. But politicians and decision makers have been too slow about doing much about it mainly because the scientific community has been kind of divided on the whole global warming issue.

Some scientists say the fact that there were hot years in some parts of the world, as mentioned above, is not an argument for or against climate change. There were also cold sports such as mid-US and other places where they saw record cold. Also the scientists believe that there will always be regional temperature variations year to year which has happened in the past and expected to continue.

However they don’t deny that increase of climate change average,  looking at the entire world, could unmistakably mean the increase of global temperatures, which means global warming that is vert likely to dramatically alter our planet, the planet Earth.

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