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February 12, 2015

By Ali Reza

Below are some tech updates for this week.

Apple and IBM Partnership is Going to Expand

About two months go,  IBM and Apple announced a new partnership to create solution for businesses using Apple’s iPad and IBM’s business solutions. This partnership seems to be successful so well that the two companies have plans of expansion say UBS analyst Steven Milunovich.

Currently the two companies have released over 20 apps and by end of this quarter over 100 apps will be released according to Apple’s CEO. The growth has been so good that Apple is expanding its enterprise sales force to keep up with the plan. Read More.

Google and Twitter Make a Data Sharing Deal

Those of us in the world of online marketing know how much this was needed. In the past Google was able to index Twitter’s data and show some tweets in the search results but Twitter shied away from that deal a few years back because the company’s CEO at the time believed sharing data would not be in Twitter’s best interest and only empower Google. But as the social media competition has multiplied since then, Twitter is trying to keep up by making improvements including introducing more targeted ads and opening its doors to Google again.  Both companies (Google and Twitter) have confirmed this deal and experts believe this deal will have great impact on online and search marketing.

Samsung to Compete with iPhone with a 3 Sided Screen Smartphones

Most of us nowadays cannot go on without our smartphones and the top two competing smartphone operating systems are currently iOS created by Apple and used by iPhone and Android OS which is made by Google that is used on many smartphones including Samsun Galaxy smartphones.  This new  smartphone by Samsun will have 5.1-inch screen that’s sloped on both  sides

If you are wondering what the phone looks like, Mashable released an image noting that the Samsun is reported to have 5 smartphones with similar design coming out soon.


White House Creates a New Agency for Cyber Security

Announced this Tuesday, the White House has created a new agency that focuses on cybersecurity dealing with threats against the US and American businesses and organizations.  The name of this new agency is Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center(CTIIC) which will act similar to National Counterterrorism Center that was established after 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. CTIIC will not collect any additional data but it is meant to assist existing agencies such as the FBI, CIA and the Department of Homeland Security with their cybersecurity challenges.

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