Role of Muslim Youths in the West (Part 2)

February 13, 2015

Induction in the thoughts of late Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Al-Shirazi – Part 2
(You can read part 1 here)

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi

This part will focus on the Muslims immigrants who live in the west and their way of life and daily affairs, which would outline their identity in societies that are generally tolerant toward the existence of anything different.

Muslims Immigrants in western countries:

  • Marriage and sexual relations in the west. Islam has given substantial importance to the necessity of marriage and companionship, which is a necessity of human nature, before any other aspect, whether religious or social. Therefore, Imam Al-Shirazi suggests that all Muslims youths residing in the west must conduct a heathy relationship with the opposite sex through the legitimate means, which are outlined by Islam.
  • Muslim women in the west. Due to the high status of women in Islam and the importance of their role, when it comes to family and society, Imam Al-Shirazi suggests that all Muslim families residing in the west are obligated to secure the future of their female children to assure they deliver the best possible women to their societies. Muslim women are obligated to know their rights and responsibilities to defend their status as Muslim women in the west. They girls need constant supervision for the purpose of assuring they maintain their Islamic values and norms and introduce the true Islam as women to the western societies. However, as the Quran states there should not be compulsion in religion, the females must fully understand and comprehend the rationales behind their customs and uniform. This would ensure a Muslim woman is fully aware of her rights and responsibilities as a Muslim and as a member of society.
  • Establishment of care, support and guardianship institutions. Imam Al-Shirazi emphasizes on the importance of establishing such institutions for the purpose of building a strong social network, which will ultimately bring more strength to the community. Housing projects, care homes, employment agencies and civil society institutions should be the primary focus of all Muslims in the west. These types of projects would enable the Muslim communities to ease the transformation progress for many new comers and help them adapt to the life in the west and integrate into the society.
  • Establishment of foundations, councils. For the purpose of supervising and containing the activities of all institutions and even Islamic centers, the establishment of councils and unions is essential according to Imam Al-Shirazi. This process would enable the Muslim community to co-operate and coordinate the efforts and activities of all sides and present the Muslims as organized groups and institutions. Even from a security point of view, establishment of a higher council that supervises the activities of all centers would ensure Islamic centers and institutions are not infiltrated by rouge and radical elements.
  • Associations, conventions and assemblies. According to Imam Al-Shirazi, attending different congregations, conventions, and celebrations is the method that keeps the Muslims connected and unified. For the sake of guarding the Islamic identity and strengthening the bonds of social fabrics the Muslims are obligated to maintain an active role in their attendance to Islamic centers, conventions, conferences and assemblies. The establishment of institutions, councils and c service facilities would not be possible without such gatherings. Therefore, it would be very beneficial for all Muslims in the west to gather annually or semi-annually to coordinate their efforts and activities.


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