Reviewing Hermeneutic – Relativity of Truth, Knowledge & Texts – Part 4

March 12, 2015

(Based on the thoughts and theories of Ayatollah Sayed Murteza Al-Shirazi)

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi – Part 4

Summarized evaluation for relativity definitions in world of reality

As discussed previously, all of the interpretations are distinctive, since realities are not limited to (Beneficial) as they include non-beneficial and deleterious as well. Isn’t fire incendiary? This notion is more inclusive than what humans have accomplished by experiment or scientific methods, as it includes what humans have not accomplished and explored yet, which is part of what is implicated in reality even though we might have no knowledge of it. In addition, this cognitive notion includes, what a human might accomplish by afflatus, revelation, visionary detection or any similar approach. Nonetheless, these accomplishments are more prevailing than what is produced from challenging external matter sensibility, as they include realities, which are not perceptible and materialistic alongside what is not sensible as well. The other included approach for accomplishing such a reality would be intellectual conduct, which includes the secondary logical comprehensions and secondary philosophical comprehensions. These approaches also include the ten statements, which were presented in previous parts about intellectual existence and cognitive acquisition modalities.

In addition, these interpretations endure several weaknesses, which this article will point out few of them and leave the rest for rest of the research.

  1. Not every beneficial notion to its bearer is reality, as it might be invalid, oppressive and aggressive or it might even be imaginations or illusions. Nonetheless, this notion would be correct if reality is considered as anything that confronts invalidity, oppression, aggression, imagination and illusion. (Example: someone who imagines him/herself to be a doctor or wealthy and ends up adopting this imagination and abides by it. Therefore, do we consider the notion of being a physician as reality or being wealthy as reality? Obviously, the illusion does have an actual existence and it was the root of illusion emergence, as the base of admixture is the inability to differentiate that an attribute with reality is an intellectual imaginary attribute).
  2. It is not necessary that anything, which possess two contradicting attributes carries that attribute from one specific direction, and not each matter is a singular reality, as its essence is plural in nature. In addition, two contradictories will never unite on a single matter, as this occurrence requires ascertainment of the conditions of contradiction.

(Example: water cannot be hot and cold at the same time from a specific source, as the temperature of the water at a specific given time is a certainty and it cannot be various. Therefore, there are two notions available: first one would be: this water with its conditional reality and certainty is sensed as cold when it touches an individual’s hand. Second one would be: this water with its conditional reality and certainty is sensed as hot when it touches an individual’s hand).

Therefore, the result mandates that the two contradictories (Hot & Cold) did not unite on a single matter (water), as ascertainment of the eight conditions of contradiction have not been met.

  1. (Truth Statement) doesn’t necessary have to be effectual, as the effectuality doesn’t even have to be actual.
  2. Often this statement is correct: because it was the truth, it had the right results, as this statement is truthful always due to its essence. Regardless of nature of evidence presented, certainty mandates that since a notion is truthful, its results are certain as well, and verification mandates that certain and beneficial results are evidence for truth.

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