Imam Ali (a.s.) ~ A brief look

June 30, 2015

By M.K. (Contributor) Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.) is the very first Imam in the Shi’ite sect of Islam. A being of excellent character and merit, he holds several recognized titles such as the ‘The Lion of God’ and ‘Commander of the Faithful.’ A brief biographical paradigm on Ali constitutes his birth on March […]

Imam Al-Hassan & Women

June 28, 2015

When enemy propaganda turns despicable and vile Media and propaganda has been one of the most important elements in battles, conflicts and struggles among states and non-states actors. This persuasive mean is used through various types to swing the minds and attentions toward a specific angel of the conflict, and makes another angel totally invisible. […]

Wave of violence: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait …

June 28, 2015

And still no clear strategy By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi It is unfortunate that reoccurrence of a tragedy is stronger than the original incident to trigger the wills and the efforts of different sides to seek solutions and prevention methods. In addition, majority of people have forgotten that prevention is a measure taken prior to the tragedy, […]

Ramadan: Yearly Chance to Reconcile the Relation with Almighty God

June 27, 2015

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi The holy month of Ramadan is here once again, and Muslims around the globe are fasting from sunrise to sunset, as part of this month’s primary obligatory ritual that has numerous reasons and goals. The 183rd verse of Quran’s 2nd chapter states: “O’ you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting […]

Shia Wisdom condemned the Suicide Bombing of Shia Mosque in Kuwait

June 27, 2015

Few weeks ago, when the suicide bombing in the Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia targeted the innocent worshippers inside Shia mosques, many political observers suggested the wave of violence will reach other places. Today we stand in sorrow and affliction to mourn the fallen men and children, who lost their lives while worshipping their lord […]

Is Radicalism Terrorism?

June 18, 2015

Radicalism VS Terrorism By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi Unlike terrorism, the word radical or radicalism has numerous implementations and interpretations, which are used according to the subject discussed and the way a specific notion is presented. Nonetheless, the term terrorism is commonly defined as any violent act, threat, statement against ordinary individuals (Non-Combatants) to create fear (Terror) […]

What do Muslims Want? – Unknown Needs VS Undesired Solutions

June 8, 2015

  By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi The Egyptian ambiguity wasn’t exclusive, as the other members of the Arab Spring domino are included in this equation as well and neither of them are aware of what they want and therefore no solution is even available for their current dilemma. The Tunisians, the Libyans, the Syrians and even the […]

The youth and the philosophy of progress .. Self educating, reading as an example

June 8, 2015

Mohammed Mustafa Maash Especially that our lives are going in big steps and big fast jumps in the deferent fields of life, and yet we stand on a side where we only watch, and turn our backs on what is happening and blame ourselves why we are not within the wheel of the progress in […]

Al-Mahdi is mercy to mankind (Part2) – Will Imam Al-Mahdi spend his time in battles and destruction?

June 1, 2015

  By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi The previous part of this article covered few of the misconceptions about Imam Al-Mahdi and the events upon his return to spread justice and equality in this world. However, there are many other stereotypes and misconceptions about Imam Al-Mahdi, which makes his return an undesired notion, for many people. Therefore, it […]

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