The merits of Laylatul Qadr

July 8, 2015

By: M.K. The Qadr nights in the month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar are no ordinary nights. Similar to a grand feast being held at a King’s palace, Laylatul Qadr is held on Earth with its rewards being distributed to the believers in the palace of Allah Almighty. Our destiny including matters of life […]

Struggles with Trusting Muslims in Britain

July 5, 2015

Who is responsible? By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi A recent poll conducted by BBC Radio indicated that quarter of young brits don’t trust Muslims, while another 44% think, Muslims of Britain don’t share the same values shared by rest of the population. Although many might argue that poll don’t reflect the reality of public opinion about a […]

What constitutes the cost of freedom?

July 4, 2015

Stability VS Reform By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi The common notion between freedom and power is, they both have had wars raged for their sake during the course of history. Although, the thirst for power has caused more wars and taken more lives, but freedom has been the primary cause of many battle, conflicts and wars in […]

Wives of the Holy Prophet – Part2

July 4, 2015

Shia Islam’s methodology on evaluating the wives of Prophet Mohammad By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi The previous part of this article addressed the definition of a phrase used by Muslims, when addressing the wives of Prophet Mohammad. The phrase ‘mothers of believers’, which is derived from the Quran was explained to be a statuary position and not […]

Islam vs. Muslims: Which One Defines the Other One?

July 3, 2015

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi There has been various calls for understanding Islam through the daily life and conducts of ordinary Muslims, as many western scholars tend to believe that such a method is sufficient for apprehending the essence of Islam. In addition the relation of Islam to issues like, identity, politics, culture, power, gender and many […]

Does it Matter to Know Which Belief is Right?

July 2, 2015

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi We often hear the following statement by different groups of people, with different beliefs and ideologies, which states: We are all created by the same lord, therefore, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Sunni, Shia, Hindu, Sikh or Buddhist will not matter, as all paths lead to the almighty. Although, the rationale behind stating such […]

Wives of the Holy Prophet

July 1, 2015

Shia Islam’s methodology on evaluating the wives of Prophet Mohammad By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi One of the topics that has taken the lion share of disputes, disagreements and even conflicts in some cases, the subject of Prophet Mohammad’s wives, or what the Muslims call: ‘Mothers of believers’. However, this topic remains one of the major differences […]

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