Geography & Social perspective

November 26, 2015

How religion is viewed according to geographic regionalism By: Hussein Al-Rumaiti Humans tend to generalize about how a specific ideology is viewed by the followers of that ideology, neglecting many aspects that influence the formation of individual and collective perspective on matters. Perspective formation of any individual is affiliated with economic status (pleasure VS necessity), […]

Letter to Prophet Mohammad

November 25, 2015

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi O’ messenger of God, peace be upon you and your holy household. Please accept this letter from a Muslim and a follower of your religion, who has tons of grievances and grumbles about the status of your nation at the current time. Your follower want to tell you, what is your nation […]

The Refugee Crisis: Facts VS Presumptions

November 21, 2015

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi The recent attacks in Paris and even in Beirut have raised many questions about the possible outcomes that welcoming the refugees might have in western societies. Although the concerns have existed prior to the recent attacks, but the issue has been a hot topic in the headlines and there are many oppositions […]

Paris Attacks – An Act of Raw Terrorism

November 19, 2015

Official Statement by Shia Wisdom Last week, November 13th unfolded an unforgettable tragedy in the otherwise peaceful city of Paris, France. As people enjoyed a social evening, cries of terror ensued from several locations across the city following deadly attacks of violence. Shootings and bomb blasts displaced all other noise and northern Paris experienced the […]

Islam condemns Terrorism

November 16, 2015

By: M.K Terrorism in any form is a despicable action and whoever indulges in it is undoubtedly defying human values universally. A terrorist is neither defined by color nor religion but rather a sordid mindset that only seeks one objective: disservice whomever follows a different way of living than his own. And these differences may […]

Humanity without Borders

November 15, 2015

United We Stand In The Face Of Terror Official Statement by Shia Wisdom Beirut, Baghdad, Afghanistan and Paris are in mourning and sorrow following the deadly attacks on innocent people, which took the lives of many in these countries. These ruthless attacks and barbaric crimes had one thing in common, which assured us terrorism knows […]

Orphan of Damascus

November 14, 2015

Ruqaya Bint Al-Hussein (Daughter of Imam Al-Hussein: Ruqaya) By: Hussein Al-Hussein Every single minute of the story of Ashura and Karbala is filled with sorrow and afflictions, which will bring the coldest hearts to tears and make anyone wonder about the types of creatures Imam Al-Hussein faced during that battle. Prior to the final battle […]

Miraculous Mathematics

November 10, 2015

The Arba’aeen Ziyara and its miraculous mathematical & Physical aspects By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi History has witnessed numerous gatherings, where millions of people were gathered at a certain place and a certain time to celebrate, commemorate or present solidarity with a specific notion. The historic march toward Washington DC, and the famous (I have a dream) […]

Arba’een – A detailed outlook

November 8, 2015

By: M.K. Following up with our previous article on Arba’een, today we shall explore the topic in a little more depth in order to obtain a broader perspective on it’s purely religious roots. Let us first examine the pedigree of Arba’een in light of its raw Arabic meaning, theosophy as well as its historical narrative […]

The scattered household – part 2

November 7, 2015

The Holy Household of Prophet Mohammad By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi Imam Al-Sadiq (P.B.U.H) The sixth Imam of Shia Muslims and the longest living member of Prophet Mohammad’s holy household lived during an era, which was politically instable and ambiguous. That era marked the emergence of the Abbasid dynasty and collapse of the Umayyad dynasty, which gave […]

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