The Holy Month of Ramadan

June 7, 2016

Ramadan represents the goodness, grace and the entire blessings of Allah. Once again the Holy Month of Ramadan is upon us and Muslims around the globe will enter a spiritual journey toward their creator by fasting and devoting an entire month to whatever gratifies their Almighty Lord. The 185th verse of Quran’s 2nd chapter states: “The month of Ramadan, in which the Quran was revealed. A guidance for people and clear proof of guidance and criterion.”

The entire month of Ramadan has been defined and labeled as the month of guidance, as the blessings of Allah are poured on his subjects around the clock. During this month, any movement, action, deed, hint or even good intention of a believer is rewarded with blessings and considered as worship. The Holy Month of Ramadan equalizes the sense of need among all believer, regardless of their social and economic class. Whether poor or wealthy, elite or random citizen, men or women, everyone will experience the pain and sufferings of those less fortunate.

During the Month of Ramadan, a believer is asked to transform his entire existence into a state of absolute devotion and sincerity. His vision, his hearings, his speech and words, his action and everything about a believer should represent the believer’s presence at his Lord’s sight.

Through the recent years, the world has witnessed the sympathy of many non-Muslims with their fellow Muslim citizens. States leaders are congratulating Muslims on the arrival of this Holy Month, and some governments like Germany have exempted Muslims restaurants and merchants from taxation during Ramadan. Majority of the modern world has come to realize the values and virtues illustrated in this month, which gives additional importance to Ramadan and places a greater burden on Muslims.

Ramadan would be an excellent opportunity for Muslims around the world to resemble peace and tranquility in their souls and actions. The claim that Islam is a religion that stands for peace, justice and equality can be verified and resembled through the actions of Muslims. The entire world must acknowledge that Islam is represented by believers and devotees that care about every single struggle and hardship.

Currently, countries like Yemen, Syria, Iraq and many other places are witnessing deadly conflicts, where thousands are displaced and faced with deadly circumstances. The international community and most importantly the Muslim world have a responsibility to find fast and total resolutions to end the miseries and dislodgement of the victims in these countries. Muslims around the world are urged to Pray to Allah for relief upon those in desperate circumstances. We pray for the well-being and return of our beloved 12th Imam, and Inshallah this earth would prosper under the presence of its savior in the near future.

Shia Wisdom.

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