Mass Shootings in Orlando

June 22, 2016

A mixture of hatred, radicalism and mental instability

Shia Wisdom

It saddens us that a month doesn’t pass without having to mourn or condemn an act of terror against innocent civilians around the globe. The last string of those cowardly attacks that assumed the lives of many civilians was Orlando FL, in the United States of America, when a man later identified as Omar Mateen opened fire at civilians inside a club and murdered 50 people.

It is heart breaking and astonishing to witness a US born, US raised citizen turn to become such a violent individual, filled with outrageous amount of hatred toward anything that is qualified as “different”. There have been reports of mental instability within the character of Orlando attacker, yet there are facts that need to be stated.

Firstly: Mental instability is among the illnesses that can be cured or contained through medical or non-medical methods. Therefore, many questions are raised about the reason, this person not being labeled as instable prior to the attack.

Secondly: Regardless of his mental state and personal stability, the doctrine of hatred and unacceptance in many traditional Islamic books are the tool used by preachers of hate to infiltrate the minds of youths like Omar. The curriculums of hate must be identified, scrapped and replaced with ration, intellect and true teachings of Islam, taught by Prophet Mohammad and his holy household. There are many unstable individuals around the world, yet they post no similar danger to society, like Omar. The reason behind such brutality and viciousness is linked to radicalism and nurturing environment that welcomes hatred and intolerant.

Thirdly: many reports indicated the attacker had purchased the Assault Rifle (legally) few days before the shooting. These disturbing reports came after the media become aware that Omar Mateen was under investigation by the FBI twice. Therefore, the questions are: why was this person with such history of violence and hatred tendencies able to legally purchase a weapon? Why was this person not placed under surveillance?

Fourthly: it must be acknowledged that the United States needs to launch a national debate about guns and the details of its second amendment. The United States and its citizens are asked to start thinking about banning assault rifles and weaponries that are mainly used for military purposes. Self-protection and other uses of US second amendment don’t require lethal assault rifles.

Finally, Shia Wisdom sends its condolences to the families of all victims and those devastated by the attack. We pray to our Almighty Lord that we all witness the day our planet is filled with justice and equality, where no one is wrongfully prosecuted and punished. Our religion was based on tolerance and morals, not extermination and hatred.

Shia Wisdom

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