Resolution Methods for Privation & Adversity

January 16, 2017

Part 17: The economic factors for generating, sustaining and developing wealth to fight poverty

(Based on the thoughts & theories of Ayatollah Sayed Murtadha Al-Shirazi)

Hussein Al-Rumaithi – The primary principle in Islam is freedom, which has been the base of Prophet Mohammad’s message to the world, where the Quran’s 157th verse of chapter 7 states: “and relieve them of their burden and the shackles which were upon them”. In addition, Imam Ali (P.B.U.H) has narrated the following beautiful traditions about freedom, where he states:

  • O’ people, Adam was not born either as a slave nor a concubine, all people are free.
  • The blessing and success of a free person is the legitimate acquisition.
  • Freedom is pure and clean of venom and deceit.
  • He, who terrifies people has disavowed freedom.

Therefore, freedom is the essence and primary factor behind all growth and economic prosperity, which makes the late Great Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Al-Shirazi to issue a fatwa prohibiting anything that causes a reduction in production. The late Ayatollah Al-Shirazi states: “Any law or plan that causes curtailment, reduction in production (Agricultural or industrial) is prohibited. In addition, it would be prohibited to plan and execute what harms humans and denigrates the dignity, even if it is only reducing daily income.” (As an example, Imam Al-Shirazi argues that overwhelming or hammering is exporting services or products to another country’s market, for less than cost or sale price at origin country. This act can lead to great job losses and increase in unemployment rates, closure of manufacturers and bankrupt them, which will also lead to production being reduced and as a result social, economic and political unrests are inevitable.

Therefore, hammering the market is among the unfair and unethical competitions. In addition, Imam Al-Shirazi states: trade is absolutely free, except trade of prohibited goods and services like drugs and narcotics. Islamic law has no place for smuggling or any other similar notions that harm the economy, and a trader has no right to buy and sell harmful products, or conduct any type of business that causes inflation or drop in prices. )

Nonetheless, freedom is the driving power behind the flourish of innovation, intellect and bright minds. Therefore, these aspects can also lead to possible technological breakthroughs in cultivation or manufacturing, and ultimately the opportunities would only expand and resources would only be greater, which leads to a diminishment of privation and poverty. Imam Al-Shirazi argues in his famous jurisprudential encyclopedia (Freedoms & Economy chapters) that current freedoms in the world only represent 10% of what Islam has presented as freedoms for humans.


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