Who We Are

Shia Wisdom is an organization devoted to building a strong community that values philanthropic ideals and principles. We work towards developing a better understanding of Islam among all people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Because we are passionately dedicated to the advancement of our community, we focus our work on intellectual development, education, and religion as guided by the noble heritage of Prophet Muhammad and his purified progeny (peace be upon them all). In today’s world, living in a multi-ethnic and multi-faith society, we believe that we should collectively build bridges of respect, harmony, understanding, and peace amongst all members of our society. This is the means to actively participate in the creation of a positive interaction and a lifetime of tolerance, collaboration, and universal coexistence. We are headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, home to one of the largest Muslim communities in the United States. We also have other offices in Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, Iraq, Lebanon, and the Gulf States.

Our Mission

The mission of Shia Wisdom is to establish a strong intellectual community that values philanthropic ideals and principles, enhance the understanding of Islam with utmost clarity, and encourage dialogue and religious harmony through interfaith relations.

Our Vision

Shia Wisdom envisions a strong Muslim community that contributes to the development of the society at large by integrating the values of tolerance and coexistence, and strengthening the relationships with other cultural religious and non-religious communities.

Our Aims & Objectives

we aim to…
  • Educate each other about our cultural and religious differences by inviting intellectuals and academics to speak about such issues.
  • Increase tolerance towards each other and spread the message that Islam stands for non-violence by holding seminars, conferences, lectures, symposiums, and contemporary discussions.
  • Enhance interfaith dialogue by collaborating with scholars, academics, and clergy and providing educational material about Islam to all those interested.
  • Analyze issues neglected by the mainstream media, affecting Muslims by connecting with researchers and research institutions.
  • Spread positive messages and engage people of all faiths through social media and other digital means.
  • Promote an Islamic lifestyle and identity by writing articles, reports, and academic research on various topics.
  • Empower Muslims through education of one’s faith by offering workshops and training classes for different ages and producing inspiring audio and video content.

Our Core Values

Faith, Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Knowledge, Collaboration

Get Involved

At Shia Wisdom, there are many ways to get involved. Whether you are an academic researcher, a freelance writer, videographer, or a volunteer who loves to leave an impact, please join us to make this world a better place! We are always looking for individuals and organizations to promote the vast talent within our vibrant community. If you have something original, productive, and positive, please share it and help us spread the message. we welcome:
  • Submitting proposals of reports, articles, and research papers
  • Presenting at our workshops, seminars, and conferences
  • Producing inspiring audio and video content
  • Attending and participating in our variety of activities
  • Volunteering and helping out with what we do
  • Supporting our work financially
  • Promoting our organization and its activities to others
We Are Social! +1 (202) 469-1129 Contact@ShiaWisdom.com www.ShiaWisdom.com   1234 Dearborn St. Suite D12 Dearborn, MI 48124   If you believe in what we do, please support us by making a monthly donation.

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