Lethal Force

September 21, 2015

This article was first published on  All rights and claims on this article below to claims no responsibility. There is a widespread and persistent problem of unnecessary or excessive force by police in the United States. The recent deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Ezell Ford and many others have set off a long-overdue […]

WiFi, Move Over – Here Comes LiFi

September 17, 2015

This article was first published on  All rights and claims on this article below to claims no responsibility. Disney researchers last week demonstrated Linux Light Bulbs — a protocol for a communications system that transmits data using visible light communication, or VLC, technology. Linux Light Bulbs can communicate with each other and with […]

New Humanitarian Hotline Brings Hope, Transparency to Iraq

August 8, 2015

By Ali Reza It is no secret that the Middle East has been ravaged and all but torn asunder by war and international conflict—and the country of Iraq has born one of the heaviest burdens of all. As innocents throughout the nation have suffered, organizations like the United Nations have attempted to send much-needed food […]

Shia Wisdom Strongly Condemns Chattanooga Shooting

July 17, 2015

4 Marines Killed, Suspect is Dead, Motive is Being Investigated By Ali Reza Terrorism strikes again on U.S soil this time Chattanooga, Tennessee.  This act of “domestic terrorism” could also possibly be act of fundamental Sunni terrorism. According to CNN, the gunman Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez who was a Kuwaiti born American citizen who may have acted alone […]

Shia Wisdom condemned the Suicide Bombing of Shia Mosque in Kuwait

June 27, 2015

Few weeks ago, when the suicide bombing in the Eastern Provinces of Saudi Arabia targeted the innocent worshippers inside Shia mosques, many political observers suggested the wave of violence will reach other places. Today we stand in sorrow and affliction to mourn the fallen men and children, who lost their lives while worshipping their lord […]

March 2015 Report What Has Happened in the Muslim World?

April 1, 2015

By Hussein Al-Rumaithi Unfortunately, just like any other month, March has been full of grievances, calamities, massacres, domestic conflicts, regional conflicts and direct military intervention. Countries like Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen, Pakistan and Syria are the scenes of civilian casualties and violence, which is only aimed to implement the policies of certain regional powers. Iraq According […]

February Report: Shia Wisdom Internal Report

March 4, 2015

Shia Wisdom’s February publications included a wide range of topics and subject that covered numerous aspects, which are linked to contemporary and socio-historical notion. The articles published in February covered matters relating to Politics, Religious Studies, Social Studies, history, economy and scientific matters from around the globe. As always the main goal of Shia Wisdom […]

February Report. What Has Happened in the Muslim World?

March 3, 2015

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi The month of February was a month of usual hardships and calamities for Shia Muslims in the Middle East, which took the lives of many innocent people only because of their belief. Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and other parts of the Muslims world witnessed some brutal attacks against Shia Muslims and as […]

Shia Wisdom Condemns the Copenhagen Terror Attack

February 16, 2015

Once again the hands of barbarism and brutality have inflicted sorrow and grieve upon the intellectual and free minds of the world, in an attempt to break the moral strength and determination of the free world. Shi’a Wisdom strongly condemns the terrorist attack in Copenhagen, Denmark, which took the life of an innocent man and […]

Shia Wisdom Technology News

February 12, 2015

By Ali Reza Below are some tech updates for this week. Apple and IBM Partnership is Going to Expand About two months go,  IBM and Apple announced a new partnership to create solution for businesses using Apple’s iPad and IBM’s business solutions. This partnership seems to be successful so well that the two companies have plans […]

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