The Visit of the youth of holy city of Karbala to the Armenian orthodox cathedral in Baghdad.

February 8, 2015

By Mohammed Alsafi Vision organization for Culture and Development sponsored by Masarat organization for cultural and media development organized a field trip for a group of the youth of Karbala as a part the harmony week between religions to the Armenian orthodox cathedral in Baghdad, where Mr. Sarkis Malkilian the secretary of the Armenian Youth […]

Jordanian Pilot, Charlie Hebdo and others VS Shi’a Victims

February 5, 2015

When double standards becomes a norm By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi There is no gloating in death and calamities, as these types of things can happen to any individual at any time. However, by conducting a small online search about the victims of terror attacks in the past year, we shall witness the notion of ambivalence in […]

Shia Wisdom Condemns Paris Terrorist Attacks

January 7, 2015

Shia Wisdom  strongly condemns the Paris terrorist attacks that led to death of 12 journalists and dismay of many others. These cowardly acts are inhumane and un-Islamic and we hope that the the perpetrators are soon arrested and brought to justice. This does not mean that we support or condone the satirical work and insults of French satirical […]

Over 22 Million Shia Pilgrims Observe Arbaeen in Karbala Despite ISIS Threats

December 14, 2014

As we wrote earlier, the world’s largest  Pilgrimage called Arbaeen has been taking place in Karbala, where Shias and lovers of Imam Hussain (a) visited Imam’s shrine and shrine of his brother and family in Karbala. Over 22 Million Attended Despite ISIS Threat Reports from a various sources indicate that  over 22 million have attended the Arbaeen gathering this […]

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