International Mother Language Day in Karbala

February 27, 2015

By Mohammed AlSafi A workshop on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day was held in Karbala, Iraq with focus on the Arabic language and the Shabaki language as examples. (See Wikipedia for Languages of Iraq). Sponsored by United Nations Mission and Vision Organization for Culture and Development  International Mother Language Day in KarbalaThe workshop took place in Rotana hotel in karbala which was organized by Vision Organization for Culture and Development and it was sponsored by the United Nations Mission in the city of Karbala under the project Youth without limits 2015. The organization hosted the renowned researcher Mr. Abdul-Zahra Agha of Hema Center for Studies and Dr. Ali Mohammed Yasin, a professor at the University of Karbala, and the representative of the United Nations mission UNAMI in Karbala as well as  Mr. Ali Kamona and a number of other researchers and social activists from Karbala and several other places. The guests were welcomed by Mr. Mohammed Hossam speaking behalf Visions organization at the beginning of the workshop and he talked about the aims and projects of Vision Organization in the coming period, especially "Youth Without limits " project, then Mr. Ali Kamona which considered this workshop as the first of its kind in Karbala city spoke about the importance of the celebration of the international days and take advantage of the activities of intellectual and cultural considering their significant impact on the community, and at the same time these activities give a message of love and peace to every one. He also spoke about the origin of the event and how it was taken as an international day since 1999. Mother Language Day IraqAfter that Mr. Abdul-Zahra Agha started his talking with his great thanks to the organization for this hosting and caring about the Shabaki component and the importance of the real communication between the components of Iraq as a real project for a peaceful coexistence and save the great heritage of the Iraqi nation. He also spoke about of the Shabaki language roots and some of the vocabularies of the language and how the emergence of some of their intellectual and educational schools, his great fear was of the demise of their language especially after the occupation of the ISIS terrorist groups to their home in Nineveh plain, which led to the displacement of the majority of their population. Dr. Ali Mohamed Yassin criticized those who forgot to pay the enough attantion to this occasion from the governmental agencies and the academic specialists to celebrate the mother language day, while a group of young activists establish a cultural activity to celebrate their own language and their great heritage, and he talked about the importance of the Arabic language and the needs of today's educational books of the schools for a development simplified to mimic the reality after the cultural and electronic invasion that our culture is witnessing these days. After that the discussions and questions in the workshop started with the researchers by the participants, and then the civil activist Mohammed Maash of Visions organization for Culture and Development confirmed that we will formulate the discussions of this workshop to recommendations to give them to the representation of the United Nations mission and the stakeholders to leave the real impact on the society about the languages in all of Iraq and especially the Arabic and the Shabaki language.

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