February Report: Shia Wisdom Internal Report

March 4, 2015

Shia Wisdom’s February publications included a wide range of topics and subject that covered numerous aspects, which are linked to contemporary and socio-historical notion. The articles published in February covered matters relating to Politics, Religious Studies, Social Studies, history, economy and scientific matters from around the globe. As always the main goal of Shia Wisdom is spread of Shia awareness among our readers to give them an alternative perception about what Shia Islam is really about, and what are the true and bias opinions of this Islamic sect about different matters in this world.

  • Reviewing Hermeneutic. Relativity of Truth, Knowledge & Texts – Part 3. This article written by Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi, was the third part of a philosophical, intellectual and religious research about RELATIVITY and its implications in notions of knowledge and intellect. The series are based on the thoughts and opinion of Ayatollah Sayed Murteza Al-Shirazi, who currently resides in Najaf, Iraq.
  • Jordanian Pilot, Charlie Hebdo and others VS Shia Victims (When double standards become a norm). Written by Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi, this article shed some light on the notion of double standards and marginalization against Shia Muslims and their calamities, when it comes to receiving media coverage. The main argument of this article included the case of Charlie Hebdo and the captured Jordanian military pilot and how the International Media played a big role in creating an enormous propaganda for them, while hundreds of similar cases were abandoned.
  • Voice of Human Justice: Ali Ibn Abi Talib (Politics never bends Ali. Ali bends politics). Part 1, Part 2. This article, which was written by Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi, shed the light on the life of Imam Ali and his political and social conducts, which are still the perfect examples form humans around the world. This article presented historical examples from the life of Imam Ali and his legacy in the Islamic World, and how he presented the true nature of Islam and its tolerance and mercy.
  • Youth of Karbala visit the Armenian Orthodox Cathedral in Baghdad. Shia Wisdom published a report about a group of Shia youth from Karbala, Iraq (Vision Organization), who visited the Armenian Orthodox Cathedral as part of harmony week between religions and sects. Both parties discussed the current state of Iraq’s struggle against ISIL and the other challenges, which Iraq is facing.
  • Do Muslims need immaculate culture? This was an article based on the quotes and statements of his Excellency Grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadeq Al-Shirazi about the notion of immaculacy and immaculate culture. Translated by Hassan Hadi, the article presented an intellectual and cognitive definition of the subject and gave a clear resolution for the question.
  • Role of Muslim Youths in the West. Part 1, part 2 and part 3. Written by Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi, this article was divided in three parts and included a thorough dissection and induction in the thoughts and opinions of late Imam Al-Shirazi, who is one of Shia Islam’s greatest scholrs of modern era. The articles present a clear and direct guideline for an Muslim youth residing in the west, and how he/she must act and behave in western societies.
  • OFFICIAL STATEMENT. Shia Wisdom condemn the Copenhagen terror attack
  • Islamic Political System. A brief but yet thorough dissection by Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi, about the difference between political Islam and Islamic Politics, which sheds the light on current and previous cases of Islamic states.
  • Current turmoil of Middle East and Emergence of ideological identities. Also written by Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi, this article sheds the light on the emergence of ideological and neo-political identities and ideological struggles in the Middle East after the ARAB SPRING.
  • Why most of Shia Imams are buried in Iraq? (Iraq & Shia Muslims). A historical, socio-political article written by Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi about Iraq and history of Shia Islam and Iraq specifically. The article dissects the rationale behind the presence and burial of majority of Shia Imams in Iraq and its impact on this country, from a political, religious, social and ideological perspective.
  • Journey of a Muslim convert to Shia Islam. This article was written by Brother Robert Silva, about his experience in averting to Shia Islam after converting to Islam. Silva gives a thorough and precise set of factors and reasons behind his decision to choose Shia Islam as his faith. Find out about Robert Silva’s journey by clicking on the following link:
  • Science & religion are compatible. Written by Ali Reza, this article presented a Quranic, narrational and scientific facts about the compatibility of science with religion of Islam.
  • Why does a Shia Muslim follow a scholar? Concept of Taqleed. This article unveils the rationale behind following a jurist, which is the responsibility of each adult and sane Shia Muslim. Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi dissects the logical, religious and ideological evidences from Shia literature, which cover the notion of Taqleed in Shia Islam.
  • The current scholars of Shia Muslims. Who are the scholars that Shias around the globe follow? Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi presents a brief but precise biographical and intellectual background about the current Shia Muslim jurists, who are followed by millions of Shia Muslims around the world.
  • Is there an unaskable question in Islamic belief? A nice and sensitive article about some of the most taboo and sensitive issues in Muslim World. Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi gives a thorough and intellectual dissection about the notion of unaskable questions in Islam and how they were developed out of political tendencies.
  • Greatest Shia scholars of all time. Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi provides the readers of Shia Wisdom with a list of scholars, who are considered the greatest among Shia Muslims. The scholars mentioned in the article as argued by Dr. Al-Rumaithi have developed methods and conclusions for Muslims and the world, which are still useful in present day. The matters and subjects that those scholars were active in cover a wide range of sciences like, philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, engineering, physics, medicine, theology and etc.
  • Muslims & Contemporary Challenges (Part 1 & part 2). Dr. Hussein Al-Rumaithi’s article talks about the contemporary challenges in the Muslim world, which are preventing development and reform. Dr. Al-Rumaithi analyzes a set of intellectual, social, political and economic challenges as the struggles of modern Islamic societies.
  • International Mother Language Day in Karbala. Sponsored by Vision Organization and UN Mission and Vision organization for culture and development, the youth of Karbala joined a workshop, which unveiled new projects and cultural activities like Youths Without Borders in Karbala and Iraq. Numerous academic and political Iraqi figures took part in the workshop and talked about their opinion in regard of the subjects discussed.

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