February Report. What Has Happened in the Muslim World?

March 3, 2015

By: Hussein Al-Rumaithi The month of February was a month of usual hardships and calamities for Shia Muslims in the Middle East, which took the lives of many innocent people only because of their belief. Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen and other parts of the Muslims world witnessed some brutal attacks against Shia Muslims and as usual there was minimal coverage regarding these massacres.


  • 11 people and 50 others were wounded in a crowded market in the Shia town of Balad Ruz north of Iraq Capital Baghdad.
  • 16 people guarding the Holy Shrine of Imam Al-Askari in Samara were killed along with 31 others wounded in a car bomb.
  • ISIL attacked the national history Museum of Mosul and destroyed many historic and ancient artefacts.
  • A car bomb in a western Baghdad Shia neighborhood killed four citizens and injured many others.
  • A car bomb kills 3 Iraqi citizens and injures many others in Abu Dashir neighborhood of Baghdad.
  • Undisclosed number of victims were killed in a car bombing in the famous Shorja Market of Baghdad.
  • 7 people were killed in a Shia neighborhood in New Baghdad.
  • ISIL fighters demolish a Shia shrine in the city of Mosul.


  • The small towns of Al-Nubbal and Al-Zahra near Aleppo, which have a Shia majority were brutally attacked by Al-Nusra front and until this day the real number of victims have not been confirmed. These two towns have been accused of supporting the regime of Bashar Al-Assad due to their faith, and they have been placed in a long blockade for months. The food and water supply for these two towns have finished for a long time and news from the towns suggest sever starvation and deadly diseases are ravishing the residents.
  • A car bomb kills 11 people in the town of Sayeda Zainab, where the shrine of Sayeda Zainab (daughter of Imam Ali & Lady Fatima Al-Zahra) is located.


Month of February was a horrific month for Pakistan, as the country witnessed several attacks in different places with car bombing and gun men storming mosques. The February 17th bombing in Lahore took the lives of several people and wounded many others. In addition, on February 13th, three suicide bombers entered a Shia mosque in the city of Peshawar and stormed the worshipers inside the mosque, killed and injured dozens of Shia Muslims, which was announced as the deadliest attack in February. In addition, three other Shia Muslims were killed, when a terrorist attack targeted a Shia mosque in Pakistani capital Islamabad. Another attack on a Shia mosque in Southern Pakistan took the lives of many others and injured many more. The total number of victims for the month of February in Pakistan has been announced as 68 killed and 176 injured in 35 terrorist attacks across Pakistan.


Mohammad Ashraf, governor of Zabol province in Afghanistan announced that 30 Shia Muslims were kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination. However, no group has claimed responsibility for this action, but it is believed these Shia Muslims have faced a deadly fate and the possibility of their return is very minimal.


  • 72 Shia Muslims were stripped out of their citizenship in Bahrain for their activities against the Bahraini government, which has been crushing the Shia majority of this country due to their efforts to gain some rights and freedom.
  • A dozen of women were taken into custody in different parts of Bahrain, due to frail and weak allegations of causing instability and unrest in the country.
  • Many Shia clergymen including Sheikh Ali Salman (leader of Al-Wifaq) opposition party were taken into custody.
  • Police forces of Bahrain attack several protests and storm them with tear gas and live ammunition, which leads to death of several Shia citizens.
  • The government of Bahrain closes and demolishes several Shia mosques and centers in Bahrain.
There has been other actions and arbitrary measure against Shia Muslims all over the Middle East, which the details are not available at the current time. The conditions of Shia Muslims is worsening in the Muslims world and the hatred toward them is being fuelled by concentrated Arab Media, which is using such coverage for political reasons to gain political momentum in the region.

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